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Welcome to our world of cannabis bliss! Με 10 καταστήματα και μια πλούσια ιστορία που ξεκίνησε στην εκπληκτική Σαντορίνη, αισθανόμαστε τεράστια υπερηφάνεια που είμαστε πρωτοπόροι στα Cannabis & CBD Oil Shops.

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  • I so glad to be a customer of Volcano cannabis shop. Very good selection of products CBD, friendly and funny staff, great service and the best prices in a shop.
    for all, who stay in Santorini , i recommend to visit this cannabis shop!

  • Costas was amazing! Very helpful! Accommodated all our needs. He was very friendly and welcoming would definitely recommend this shop if you like a smoke on your holiday! Go get your cannabis guys!!

  • One of the highlights of my birthday trip. So glad to know I could get high (legally) in Santorini with such scenic views! This shop has such a great variety and the staff are so knowledgable and friendly! I came with my boyfriend about 3 times during our 5 night stay and spent hundreds of euros 😂 this is your sign to GO!

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